Terms and Conditions

New Jersey

NJ SmartStart Buildings® Program Terms and Conditions FY2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019)


  • This application package must be received by the Program Manager on or before June 30, 2019 in order to be eligible for the fiscal year program (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) incentives. All participating customers are required to submit the most current application form. All submissions will be reviewed based on the current program requirements and incentive levels approved by the Board of Public Utilities.
  • Program Incentives are available to non-residential retail electric and/or gas service participating customers of a New Jersey Utilities. A participating customer must pay Societal Benefits Charges under a New Jersey Utility account serving the fuel type (electric or gas) applicable to the specific Energy-Efficient Measure. Participating customers who have not contributed to the Societal Benefits Charge of the applicable New Jersey Utility are not be eligible for incentives offered through this program. New Jersey Utilities include Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central Power & Light, Rockland Electric Company, New Jersey Natural Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, PSE&G and South Jersey Gas.
  • Each utility account requires a complete, separate application. Projects for the same utility account and the same technology being done at the same time should be submitted on one application.
  • For all Prescriptive measures with the exception of Prescriptive & Performance Lighting, Lighting Controls and Custom measures, pre-approval is not required prior to installation, however any participating customer and/or agent who purchases and installs equipment without Program Manager approval does so at his/her own risk.
  • For completed projects that do not require program pre-approval (excluding Prescriptive Lighting, Prescriptive Lighting Controls, Performance Lighting and Custom Measures) the application must be submitted to the Program Manager within 12 months of equipment purchase. Sufficient documentation must be provided confirming the date of equipment purchase (material invoice, purchase order, etc.).
  • In order to be eligible for program incentives, a participating customer, or an agent (contractor/vendor) authorized by a participating customer, must submit a properly completed application package that is signed by the participating customer. A complete application package should include all documentation listed in the checklist section of the application.
  • Project invoices submitted after installation should list both the labor and material costs separately. The invoice should include a description of the equipment installed, quantity, and unit price. For projects that are self-installed by the participating customer, a signed letter on participating customer letterhead may be provided in lieu of a labor invoice attesting to the start and end dates of the self-installation.
  • Energy-Efficient Measures must be installed in buildings located within a New Jersey Utilities’ service territory and designated on the participating customer’s incentive application.
  • Program Incentives are available for qualified Energy-Efficient Measures as listed and described in the Program materials and incentive applications.
  • The participating customer must ultimately own the equipment through an up-front purchase. Equipment procured by participating customers through another program offered by New Jersey's Clean Energy Program or the New Jersey Utilities, as applicable, are not eligible for incentives through this program.
  • Incomplete application submissions, applications requiring inspections and unanticipated periods of high volume may cause processing delays.

Incentive Amounts

  • Program Incentives will not exceed:
    • the approved Program Incentive amount,
    • total project cost of the Energy-Efficient Measure, whichever is less, excluding NJ state sales tax as determined by the Program Manager. Project costs include the expenses directly associated with the Energy-Efficient Measure.
  • Products offered at no direct cost to the participating customer are ineligible.
  • Program Incentives are limited to $500,000 per utility account in a fiscal year.


  • The Program Manager reserves the right to conduct a pre-inspection of the facility prior to the installation of equipment for Prescriptive Lighting, Performance Lighting, Lighting Controls and Custom Measures applications. Pre-inspections will be performed prior to the issuance of the approval letter. Work must not begin prior to formal program approval.
  • All projects are subject to post-inspection to confirm equipment installation prior to payment.
  • The Program Manager reserves the right to verify sales transactions and to have reasonable access to Participating Customer’s facility to inspect pre-existing product or equipment (if applicable) and the Energy-Efficient Measures installed under this Program, prior to issuing incentives or at a later time.
  • The applicant allows reasonable access to the property to inspect the installation and performance of the technologies and installations that are eligible for incentives under the guidelines of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.

Tax Clearance Certificate Requirements

  • Participating customers must provide a Tax Clearance Form (entitled "Business Assistance or Incentive Clearance Certificate") for Board of Public Utilities use.
  • The name of the customer listed on the certificate must match the participating customer name listed on the utility bill and the application.
  • The participating customer tax ID listed on the application must agree with the tax ID listed on the Certificate.
  • Certificates are valid for 180 days and must be valid on the date the Program Manager signs off on the incentive.

Deficient Applications

  • Participating customers must provide a Tax Clearance Form (entitled "Business Assistance or Incentive Clearance Certificate") for Board of Public Utilities use.
  • If an application package is incomplete, information is missing or deemed insufficient, a deficiency notice will be sent to the participating customer requesting additional information via e-mail. The information or documentation requested on the letter must be received by the Program Manager within 30 days of the date of the request. If additional deficiencies are still noted, there will be up to two additional notifications issued with the same time frames.
  • If a participating customer fails to respond to a deficiency request within 30 days or exceeds the three attempts provided, the application will be cancelled. If a project is cancelled, participating customers may re-apply under the program incentives and requirements in place at that time.


  • Pre-approved projects are given a one year approval in which the proposed measure is to be installed and operational. When a project has expired the participating customer will have 30 days to either submit a request for an extension OR submit final project paperwork. If no response is received within 30 days of expiration, the project will be cancelled.
  • Extension requests must be in writing from the participating customer and include the circumstances that led to the extension request, and the percentage of the project completed.
  • Extension requests may be granted for a period no longer than six (6) months. The Program Manager may provide up to two, six month extensions from the original approval expiration date.
  • Upon expiration, if the project has not started and the participating customer is still interested in installing the equipment, the existing application will be cancelled and a new application package must be submitted, which will be reviewed under the program incentives and requirements in place at that time.

Change in participating customer name/payee after pre-approval

To initiate a change to the participating customer name or payee on a pre-approved application, the following documentation must be provided:

  • A signed letter on participating customer letterhead authorizing the change
  • A new signed application reflecting the updated participating customer or payee name
  • For name change - a utility bill in the name of the new participating customer

All name changes requests are subject to Program Manager approval. Certain requests may require additional information to be submitted as defined by the Program Manager.

Tax Liability

The Program Manager will not be responsible for any tax liability that may be imposed on any participating customer as a result of the payment of Program Incentives. All Participating Customers must supply their federal tax identification number or social security number to the Program Manager on the application form in order to receive a Program Incentive.

Prevailing Wage

Projects with a contract threshold of $15,444 are required to pay no less than prevailing wage rate to workers employed in the performance of any construction undertaken in connection with Board of Public Utilities financial assistance, or undertaken to fulfill any condition of receiving Board of Public Utilities financial assistance, including the performance of any contract to construct, renovate or otherwise prepare a facility, the operations of which are necessary for the receipt of Board of Public Utilities financial assistance. By submitting an application, or accepting program incentives, applicant agrees to adhere to New Jersey Prevailing Wage requirements, as applicable.


The Program Manager and Administrator do not endorse, support or recommend any particular manufacturer, product or system design in promoting this Program.


The program manager and administrator do not warrant the performance of installed equipment, and/or services rendered as part of this program, either expressly or implicitly. No warranties or representations of any kind, whether statutory, expressed, or implied, including, without limitations, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding equipment or services provided by a manufacturer or vendor. Contact your vendor/services provider for details regarding performance and warranties.

Limitation of Liability

By virtue of participating in this Program, Participating Customers agree to waive any and all claims or damages against the Program Manager or the Administrator, except the receipt of the Program Incentive. Participating Customers agree that the Program Manager’s and Administrator’s liability, in connection with this Program, is limited to paying the Program Incentive specified. Under no circumstances shall the Program Manager, its representatives, or subcontractors, or the Administrator, be liable for any lost profits, special, punitive, consequential or incidental damages or for any other damages or claims connected with or resulting from participation in this Program. Further, any liability attributed to the Program Manager under this Program shall be individual, and not joint and/or several.


The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities reserves the right to extend, modify (this includes modification of Program Incentive levels) or terminate this Program without prior or further notice.

Participating Customer’s Certification

Participating Customer certifies that he/she purchased and installed the equipment listed in their application at their defined New Jersey location. Participating Customer agrees that all information is true and that he/she has conformed to all of the Program and equipment requirements listed in the application.


The applicant gives the Program Manager permission to share records with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and contractors it selects to manage, coordinate or evaluate the New Jersey SmartStart Buildings Program including the release of electric and natural gas utility billing information, as well as make available to the public non-sensitive information.


Energy-Efficient Measures – Any device eligible to receive a Program Incentive payment through the NJ Clean Energy Commercial and Industrial Program (New Jersey SmartStart Buildings).

New Jersey Utilities – The regulated electric and/or gas utilities in the State of New Jersey:

  • Atlantic City Electric
  • Jersey Central Power & Light
  • Rockland Electric Company
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • Elizabethtown Gas
  • PSE & G
  • South Jersey Gas

Administrator – New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy.

Participating Customers – Those non-residential electric and/or gas service customers of the New Jersey Utilities who participate in this Program.

Product Installation or Equipment Installation – Installation of the Energy-Efficient Measures.

Program – The Commercial and Industrial Energy- Efficient Construction Program (New Jersey SmartStart Buildings) offered herein by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy pursuant to state regulatory approval under the New Jersey Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act, NJSA 48:3-49, et seq.

Program Incentives – Refers to the amount or level of incentive that the Program provides to Participating Customers pursuant to the Program offered herein (see description under “Incentive Amount” heading).

Program Manager – TRC Energy Services.


Energize CT Terms and Conditions

I certify that I have purchased and installed the indicated energy-saving products on or after January 1, 2018 for use in the business facility listed above and not for resale. I have attached the itemized proof of purchase (sales slip or invoice, including model numbers of lamps, etc.) I agree to a verification by a Utility representative of both the sales transaction and product installation and also allow Utility access to preand post-monitor the installation. Falsifying any of the above information will void this rebate application and any future rebate applications. I agree that to qualify for 100% of the rebate or account credit, I must be receiving a substantial amount of electricity needed by the facility where the lighting equipment is installed, via Utilities’ distribution equipment, otherwise the incentive will be prorated by multiplying the full incentive by the percentage of the facility’s total electrical needs that is delivered via Utilities’ distribution equipment. Utility shall mean Eversource Energy of United Illuminating only.

Application Offer: This rebate program covers eligible products purchased and installed on or after January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2018. Details of the 2018 Express Service Lighting Rebate for Commercial and Industrial Customers (“Program”) and rebate levels are subject to change without prior notice. Contact your “Participating Utility” representative for the latest program details. This application form (“Application”) required documentation must be received by January 31, 2019. Availability of funding is not guaranteed. The utilities reserve the right to cap rebate amounts. For more information, please call 1-877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873).

Eligibility: Rebates are available to industrial, commercial, institutional, and agricultural electric service customers with a commercial rate code on their electric service. New construction is NOT eligible. For major renovations and inspections, contact an authorized utility representative. Residential customers may apply for a rebate for common areas of multi-family housing. All residential multi-family Eversource Energy (Eversource), hereinafter referred to as Eversource, customers must have a commercial revenue code on their account to be eligible for rebates

Payment: Please allow at least 30 days for payment. Payment process may take longer if information is missing on Application, or if a post-inspection is needed.

Rebate Amount: In no case will your Participating Utility pay more than 100% of the purchase price shown on the invoice.

Pre-approval And Verification: Rebates exceeding $5,000 must be pre- and post-inspected by an authorized Participating Utility representative. Additionally, Participating Utility reserves the right to inspect any installation prior to issuing rebates.

Rebate Levels: Rebate levels will be confirmed upon receipt of detailed invoices (stating quantities and part numbers) specifications sheets (if applicable), along with post-inspection results (if applicable).

Tax Liability: Your Participating Utility will not be responsible for any tax liability that may be imposed on the Customer as a result of the payment of rebates. All Customers must supply their Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number (IRS Form W9) as part of this Application to receive a rebate.

Endorsement: Your Participating Utility does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product, or system design in promoting this Program. All LED fixtures or lamps must be ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights™ Consortium qualified. The lists of qualifying products can be found at www.energystar.gov and www.designlights.org, respectively.

Forward Capacity Market and Class III Credits:

ISO-NE Capacity Payments: By signing this document, and as a condition to receiving a rebate pursuant to this program, the customer acknowledges and agrees that any and all payments, benefits and/or credits associated with or applicable to the customer’s participation in the program that is the subject of this Agreement in connection with the ISO New England, Inc. Forward Capacity Market (“FCM”) or any existing, successor or replacement markets, (including, but not limited to, any and all transitional FCM credits or payments or any and all other capacity-related credits, payments and/or benefits for which such customer is eligible) shall be deemed as and form capacity payments, credits and/or benefits of The Connecticut Light and Power Company, doing business as Eversource Energy (Eversource), or The United Illuminating Company (UI), as applicable. The customer hereby assigns to Eversource or UI, as applicable, all of its right, title and interest in and to any and all such capacity payments, credits and/or benefits, and agrees to take any and all action, including executing and delivering any and all documentation and/or instruments, as requested by Eversource or UI, as applicable, to evidence the same. FCM means the market for procuring capacity pursuant to ISO-NE Tariff, FERC Electric Tariff No. 3, Section III, Market Rule 1, Section 13, any modifications to the FCM, or any successor or replacement market/capacity procurement process.

Class III Conservation Credits: Any Class III renewable energy credits and/or conservation credits received in connection with this program shall be retained by the Companies pursuant to the laws of the State of Connecticut and/ or applicable PURA decision in effect as of the date hereof

Specific Requirements: The Participating Utility reserves the right to modify payment options and restrict the amount of the rebate available for facilities using self-generation for non-emergency purposes.

U.L. Listing: Items eligible for a rebate must be U.L. listed. Reflectors must be U.L. classified.

Wattage Reduction: There must be at least a 10% system wattage reduction between the old and new system wattage for product to qualify.

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Miscellaneous :

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By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms and agree to be bound by them.

Delaware Terms & Conditions

Application Process

  • Equipment must be new, purchased and installed before the grant payment can be issued.
  • Project pre-approval is required prior to any equipment purchase or any services completed for all grant applications.
  • Commitment of grant is subject to availability of program funds.
  • Applicant is fully responsible for providing a complete application and supporting documents. Project Eligibility
  • All qualifying systems must be installed in accordance with the standards and specifications of the manufacturers of the components in the system, in compliance with all federal, state, and local safety, building and environmental codes and ordinances and these guidelines. The applicant agrees, as a condition of participation in the program, to remove and dispose at its sole cost and expense any and all equipment or materials that are replaced or removed in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • All equipment must be tested to Underwriters Laboratory (“UL”) standards and be UL listed and installed per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Full 3-year warranty against component failure, malfunction and premature output degradation on all equipment is required. DNREC neither expressly nor implicitly warrants the performance of installed equipment.
  • DNREC does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product or system in promoting this program.
  • Installing contractor, and anyone acting under its direction, shall at its own expense procure and maintain in full force at all times Commercial General Liability Insurance with a bodily injury and property damage combined single limit of liability of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) for any occurrence.
  • Installing contractors shall maintain appropriate education and licenses, industry certificates, and accreditations to ensure the program preserves the end-users' expectation of professional work. The installing contractor must have an active Delaware business license, Delaware trade specific license and training certificates. Application Checklist: Please include the following items: training certificates. The form must be submitted electronically at: https://esupplier.erp.delaware.gov Payment
  • Equipment must be new and installed before the grant can be issued.
  • The grant payment will be made no later than 60 days after the application approval. The applicant may assign the incentive payment to the contractor. Incomplete or missing information will delay processing of application and payment.
  • The Fund will not pay more than 30 percent of the total project cost for any proposed project as detailed on itemized invoices. Individual grants will not exceed $500,000 without written approval from the Division Director. No company or affiliated group of companies under common ownership/control can receive more than $1,000,000 in grants within a three year period. There is an additional cap on total lighting awards which shall not exceed $400,000 within a three year period.
  • If DNREC determines that the customer eligibility, proposed equipment or installed equipment does not meet the program’s criteria, DNREC may withhold payment of the grant amount and/or require changes before issuing payment. Site Inspection
  • DNREC may conduct an onsite visit prior to installation to inspect the facility’s existing equipment or conduct a post installation visit.
  • The applicant agrees to allow DNREC or its program evaluator to conduct on-site inspections to verify that the qualified measures are installed and to conduct other measurement and verification activities to assess the amount of energy savings achieved.
  • The applicant further agrees to allow DNREC or its program evaluator to have access to the awarded facility's energy use data for a period of at least two years following installation of the incentivized measures. Tax Liability
  • The applicant is responsible for any tax liability imposed as a result of the payment of grants. Please contact your tax professional for more information. Changes to the Program
  • DNREC may change the program and the Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. Pre-approved applications will be processed to completion under the Terms & Conditions in effect at the time of the approval by DNREC.
  • Periodic changes to the program may include but are not limited to: program offerings due to funding availability, updates driven by Delaware's building energy code and updates that reflect changes in the energy efficiency technology market.

Peco ( PA ) Terms & Conditions

Final Customer Acknowledgement

As an eligible PECO non-residential customer, I certify that work was completed on this project on or after June 1, 2016. The energy efficiency measures are for use in my non-residential facility and not for resale. Project documentation, including product specification sheets, and copies of dated invoices for the purchase and installation of the measures, is attached. I have attached any other documentation requirements as detailed in the Application Manual found at www.peco.com/smartideas, or requested of me by the program team. Final applications and all documentation must be received by May 15, 2021, to be considered for the current program period.

I understand that the location or business name on the invoice must be consistent with the application information. I agree to verification by the utility or its representatives of both sales transactions and equipment installation.

I certify that the information on this application is true and correct, and that the Taxpayer ID Number and tax status is the applicant’s. I understand that incentives over $600 will be reported to the IRS unless the applicant submits appropriate exemption documentation.

I agree that if: (1) I do not install the related product(s) identified in my application, or (2) I remove the related product(s) identified in my application before a period of five years or the end of the product life, whichever is less, then I shall refund a prorated amount of incentive funds to PECO based on the actual period of time in which the related product(s) were installed and operating (or the full amount if the product was never installed). Any measure that I have installed in my facility must provide 100% of the energy benefits as stated in this application for a period of five years, or for the life of the product, whichever is less. I understand that this is necessary to assure that the project’s related energy benefits will be achieved.

I understand that the program may be modified or terminated without prior notice.

I understand that final applications and all required documentation must be received by the PECO Smart Ideas for Your Business program within 90 days of project completion but no later than May 15, 2021 and that all equipment must be purchased and installed prior to submitting the final application.

I understand that this project must involve a facility improvement that results in improved energy efficiency and/or a permanent reduction in energy usage. I also understand that all materials removed, including lamps and PCB ballasts, must be permanently taken out of service and disposed of in accordance with all laws, including local codes and ordinances. I understand it is my responsibility to be aware of any applicable codes or ordinances, and that information about hazardous waste disposal can be found at:

I understand that in no case will PECO pay more than 100% of the total costs of the project. I understand that PECO or its representatives have the right to ask for additional information at any time, and that PECO Smart Ideas for Your Business will make the final determination of incentive levels for this project.

I understand that my company may be recognized as a program participant in promotional materials; however, project details will not be released to the public without prior consent. If I choose to opt-out of any recognition, I will indicate my choice in a written letter to the PECO Smart Ideas for Your Business team at 4377 County Line Road, Chalfont, PA 18914, or via email to pecosmartideas@dnvgl.com.

I understand that PECO does not guarantee the energy savings and does not make any warranties associated with the measures eligible for incentives under this program, and further, that PECO has no obligations regarding and does not endorse or guarantee any claims, promises, work, or equipment made, performed, or furnished by any contractors or equipment vendors that sell or install any energy efficiency measures.

I understand that in the event the application was pre-approved and funds were reserved based upon the application, such pre-approval or reservation, including the specific dollar amount of reservation, did not represent a guarantee that such funds will be paid. Payment of incentives is based upon the final application and program terms and conditions, as well as the availability of funds. I have read and accept the PECO Smart Ideas for Your Business Terms and Conditions as they appear in this application.

* Please fill in require fills