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What are the best areas for rebates?

This is the most common question to ask, but simultaneously the most dynamic to answer. An enhanced that might get a notable rebate in one location, might become neglected on another. There are varieties of sources that affects the rebate and incentive programs, such as: government, organizations or other utilities, and each have their own level of incentives and different requirements. The size of the project, technology currently being used, business type, the proposed technology and many more can be some of the factors upon which a rebate depends. Initially, the North East and West Coast had the best rebate and incentives, but over the past few years the story has changed a lot due to changes in programs.

Which type of projects can qualify for a rebate?

A variety of energy saving technologies such as lighting, kitchen equipment, HVAC, motors, refrigerators and many more are potential applicants for rebates and incentives. Light being the biggest dogma of return of investment, immense rebate programs have been geared in North America. Well, a solution is worth investment in if it successfully proves itself to be energy saving, even if no rebate is offered.

Can I apply for rebates on my own?

Generally speaking, you yourself can apply for various rebate programs, but sometimes an approved program partner or Trade Ally is required. Why outsource your rebate and incentives to Rayz LED? Because we make sure that you receive more money for your energy efficient installation. Our experts make sure you get the exposure to programs you are eligible for, all essential bonus options are properly demonstrated and make sure the products used meet all program requirements.

What is duration of processing of rebate?

Estimated duration might fall between 4 to 7 months depending up on the geographical area and the attributes of the project inclusive of time from pre-approval to getting final check. Rebate programs requiring pre installation approval might take up to 29 days. Alternatively, after completion of a project it may require up to 70 days to receive a rebate check from the rebate provider.

Why choose Rayz Lightning?

  • Processed analysis and estimated calculation to cut the confusion and hassle.
  • Experts will take care of filling of documents, pre-approval and pre-inspections.
  • Making Proper negotiation measures to ensure that preferred solution gets necessary rebates.
  • Best suited proposal is designed keeping in mind your business needs with cost efficiency.

What are the BENEFITS of rebate program?

The Rebate Program is all about SAVING ENERGY & SAVING MONEY. This program is especially designed to save the energy consumed each year by replacing your current traditional lights with LED luminaries.

How to choose an expert who can advise better to get the most money?

Ask these questions to your expert -
How long have you been processing rebates?
How many rebate projects have you worked on in the past year?
How many different rebate providers have you worked with this year?
For which programs are you an approved vendor or trade ally?
Will I have a dedicated account manager working on getting me the most money?
Do you also look for possible tax credits/deductions for which you may be eligible?
How often will you provide updates on my project?
How do you track rebates for each location?
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