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Rayz Lighting is in the business of bringing a better and brighter tomorrow in the lighting industry. We understand that LED Lighting has changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting products. Our team has the expertise and extensive knowledge in order to obtain local utility rebates and reduce your overall costs using the best LED solutions. Our services are the combination of Intelligence and Innovation. Our product quality, cost-competitiveness and world-class customer responsiveness make us the preferred, trusted partner to clients worldwide.

Our vision is to sustain the environment by providing energy efficient lighting solutions and striving to reinforce our belief in meeting intelligence in every aspect of our work.
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Rebate Program

The Rebate Program is here to get you savings. The federal government has urged and encouraged states, utilities, and customers to be more environment-conscious and save the environment by whatever means possible. The government is committed and is offering rebates on your utility bills for using energy efficient lighting. The Rebate program is designed to replace your current traditional lighting with LED luminaries, and thus save the total energy consumed per year. This can be done without altering your current output of your business.

By replacing your lighting needs with LED lights, you can save up to 70% of your total electricity consumption, and save money too. Not only will LED lighting improve the lighting quality but also invigorate the aesthetics of your business.

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